In addition to a great champions league, this weekend kicked off with three great derbies- the El Clasico, Liverpool vs Manchester United and Inter Milan vs Juventus.

Back in Spain, the El Clasico disappointed again. Although the game took place in Camp Nou, Barcelona was far from their best. They took quite a few shoots, but just two were on target and with that their ninth position in the La Liga remains stable. Their only saving hope was Aguero, who’s recently out of surgery and scored in the 97th minute. But unfortunately, his last ditch effort wasn’t enough to beat Madrid’s two goals. This match just proved that Barcelona isn’t the same without Messi and maybe Koeman isn’t what’s best for them.

Speaking of bad managers, Koeman isn’t even close to the worst. That award goes to every Manchester City’s favorite coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Manchester United coach proved that a good team isn’t enough to win games. Liverpool beat that 5-0 at Old Trafford. Manchester United haven’t lost by a margin of 5 or more goals at Old Trafford since 1955. Ole has been bad multiple times this season already, even with Ronaldo returning, but in this game, he crossed a limit. At this rate, with #OleOut trending, Ole will be a gunnar very soon.

Finally, we have the stalemate of Italy. Juventus was certainly the better team who dominated more, but definitely not by much. Dybala was back in action with his penalty and saved them from another loss. But Juventus will have to step it up if they want the title this season because the competition in Italy is harder than ever with Napoli and AC Milan’s undefeated streaks in the first nine matchdays.

Overall, Sunday was a great day for football and it showed us which teams are title contenders and which are title pretenders.

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