Dear Messi,

I woke up thinking it would be a usual Thursday, and it started off great. I did a few German readings and proceeded to have Brunch with my mother. As we finished and were watching TV, my phone buzzed; it buzzed multiple times. I got a message from a friend stating that Messi was leaving Barcelona. I assumed it was a prank, but went ahead and opened Instagram. The first post that popped up had your picture on it and the caption said that you’re leaving Barcelona. I still couldn’t believe it and looked it up on FC Barcelona‘s official website. It was true. “Financial and structural obstacles” stopped you and Barca from coming to an agreement. I was in utter disbelief.

5th August. A day that is going to be etched in every fan’s head. The day Barcelona announced that you’re leaving. A day that broke your and our hearts alike. A day that was going to be significant in football’s journey.

I’m upset that you’re leaving Barcelona, but I wish you luck wherever else you may go in the future. I 100% support your and Barcelona’s decision to let each other go. This Catalan club and you were a great combination, and will go down in history as the best, but it’s time for both, you and Barca, to move on.

Additionally, you did have an amazing 18 years at Barcelona.

From the moment you signed a deal with Carles Rexach on a tissue paper to the very last goal you scored against Celta Vigo- your career was nothing short of marvelous and inspiring. If someone ever told me that a tiny child with a growth hormone deficiency would become one of the greatest (association) footballers in the world, I would have laughed in ignorance. But no more. That statement is reality and continues to inspire millions of children and adults alike in one too many nations, including me.

778 games. 672 goals. 305 assists. 10x La Liga. 7x Copa dep Rey. 7x Supercopa. 4x Champions Leagues. 3x UEFA super cups. 3x Club world cups. 6x Ballon d’Ors. 6x Golden shoes. 6x La Liga best player. And one word in the Spanish dictionary (inmessionante– the perfect way to play football or soccer; the unlimited ability to self-improve).

You gave it your all at Barcelona, and the stats above prove it. I would love to see you give the same love to another club now. It’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one. I will miss wearing your Number 10 Barcelona jersey while watching Barca games in my room, but I look forward to continue wearing it with pride in good memory, and wearing a new club’s jersey with your name and number on it.

Thank you, Messi. Thank you, Barcelona. My childhood would be incomplete without your partnership. And Best of Luck with your future career and club.

With Love,

Ambika Malhotra, MessiiGirl

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