This week in a highly anticipated game, City beat Liverpool and showed the world that no one, not even the current English Champions, are gonna stop them from winning the title this season. Fortunately, Liverpool managed to score one goal and to not lose in a completely disgraceful manner. Nonetheless, the match was pretty one sided in the second half. The first half was pretty uneventful and slightly disappointing with neither team managing to score a goal. But in the second half, city took on an early lead in the 49th minute and then the game was theirs and the tide turned in their favor. But that was not before, Salah scored a goal and evened the playfield to 1-1. But soon after that, City annihilated Liver by scoring three more goals, two of which were by Gündoğan.

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City beats the current champions to retain their top spot in the Premier League

With that City continues it’s winning streak remaining five, and possibly 8, point ahead of their biggest rivals, Man United, who have managed to atain the second spot after a few underwhelming seasons. But ManU certainly delivered a stellar performance against Southampton in a legendary score of 9-0. To make matters worse for Hampton, two of their players, Bednarek and Jankewitz even got redcarded in the heat of the battle. Seven of the United players managed to score a goal in the match and it was an absolute delight for United fans to watch. Some old-timer fans were excited to see the 9-0 win due to the history behind it, as United defeated Ipswich with the same score in 1995. As for Liverpool, with two continuous losses, against Brighton and City, they’ve dropped to the 4th spot, right under Leicester.

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United beat Southampton in a historic 9-0 game

Outside England, Barcelona has managed to attain a winning steak after a long time and may just have a tiny chance of pulling a successful comeback in the La Liga. Atletico still remain on top with their new striker, and former Barca player, Suarez absolutely giving it his all and ensuring victory for them. Barcelona has also managed a comeback in the quarters of the Copa Del Rey by beating Granada 5-3. They scored all five goals within twenty five minutes and managed to bag a win and go straight into the semi finals. While the first leg of their semifinal was nothing short of disastrous, fans are hoping for another comeback and not giving up home.

The UEFA Champions league returns with its Round of 16 next week. Unfortunately, Neymar got injured in his most recent match for PSG and will not be participating in their first leg against Barca. This is great news for some Barca fans since they believe that Barcelona actually has a chance of beating them now. But some were quite shocked and want Neymar and Messi to play on the same field once again, even if it’s as rivals. More on that to come next week. Stay tuned for more football information.

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Neymar injures himself in the Coupe de France and will sit out the first leg against Barcelona in the Champions League

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