Whether you’re someone who believes that Manchester is Blue, or someone who thinks it’s Red, you’re probably happy with the outcome of the current Prem League standings because both Manchester City, and United, have stolen the top two spots respectively. Both City and United had some shaky foundations at the start of the year, but it seems like they’ve both overcome them for now and stay strong on the top. Current champions, Liverpool, are still struggling to stay in the top 4, while Leicester seems to be in a good spot from the start of the season.

Manchester United vs Manchester City Preview - The United Devils - Manchester  United News
Manchester is on top

It seemed as though City had broken their curse of losses at the start of the year, but then their #10 striker, Sergio Aguero, was stuck with the Coronavirus. Despite what critics predicted, this didn’t stop Manchester City and their solid form and they continued to win games without him. Most fans are starting to believe that this seasons title belongs to City now and they sure are strong contenders for the UCL. They are up against the german Gladbach, which is sure to be an exciting match. I’d love for Man City to get the season and respect that they deserve.

Premier League Odds & Betting Picks: Manchester City vs. Sheffield United  (Saturday, Jan. 30)
Man City secures the top spot despite difficulties in the beginning

Man United’s week wasn’t as colorful as City’s though. They drew a match against Arsenal, which continued to prove that even though they overcame many hurdles in the past few season, they’re not even close to “old” United form yet, and have a lot of work cur out for them. This match proved that Solskjaer’s United continues to slip against the Big six (Liverpool, City, United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal) in the PL. Though a draw for them is still much victorious compared to a loss.

Manchester United's revenue falls by nearly 12% - BBC News
ManU is on the second spot?But will they remain there?

On another grim note, Man United continues to be a target of racial abuse, from Anthony Martial to Tuanzebe, to Rashford after their latest draw. Despite the football association and the PL chief executive condemning cyber racism, and even a certain person being arrested for Bromwich’s Romaine Sawyers case, the racial hate that players receive anonymously on social media is not declining. Some English ministers have set up meetings with players to discuss the situation om the “future of football” discussions.

Rashford and Martial told by Solskjær to raise Manchester United goal rate  | Manchester United | The Guardian
Martial and Rashford continue to show their talent on the field, despite racial threats on social media

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