The English Premier League decided to close off one of its last weeks of 2020 with a blowout, the bad kind. There were 7 draws in the premier league this week. Some fans are so frustrated that they’re calling this week, “a draw week.” Even fan favorites like the Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool and United drew games that could’ve easily been theirs.

This draw week further build upon the concerns about who will be the next English champion. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the current 13th team, Arsenal, ends up in the top four, or even so, ends up as the title holder. To further increase the unpredictability of the PL, many essential workers like players from Man City and the manager of Southhampton are self-isolating due to exposure of the coronavirus.

There isn’t much change in the PL table due to the high amount of draws this week.

The new mutation of the virus in the UK has created new concerns for the premier league and other European clubs that may get exposed to it during the UEFA tournament next month. A two-week circuit break is being considered to decrease the scare and effects of the virus. More info on that is to come in the upcoming days. Saty tuned till then and stay safe.

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