This Wednesday, we had one of the biggest showdowns of the decade. It was a Messi vs Ronaldo Champions League match and much to the dismay of Barca fans, the match was a big disappointment. Juventus managed to beat Barcelona 3-0 in the match. It was much like the repeat of Bayern vs Barca to Barcelona fans.

Barcelona 0-3 Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo scores two penalties as Juve seal  Group G - BBC Sport
Juve dominates the not-so-exciting showdown

Calling Barcelona’s defense bad is a heavy understatement and their offense fell pretty short of good as well. While Lionel Messi managed to hit quite a lot of on target shots, Juventus’ defense was on par or Buffon managed to block it every time. As for Juventus, their performance was pretty good and Ronaldo himself managed to score two penalties, despite the immense pressure. McKennie wasn’t too far off and competed against Ronaldo’s performance in the match His defense and offense skills were top tier during the game and he himself managed to score a goal with his right foot.

Juventus vs. Barcelona score: Ronaldo bests Messi, but Weston McKennie  steals show in group-clinching win -
McKennie steals the hearts of Juve fans

Overall, what is assumed to be the last Messi Versus Ronaldo showdown was quite a let down to fans across the globe. Juventus totally dominated the game which escalated all the fun out of it. Nevertheless, Ronaldo and Juve fans were quite happy with the outcome of the game and Barca fans are most certainly hoping for another Messi V Ronaldo match somewhere down the line.

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