Ex- Barca and Liverpool Argentine, Javier Mascherano, has declared his retirement from soccer. Argentina’s chances of winning FIFA in 2022 went from bad to worse due to the news of the midfielder retiring. Looks like its all up to Messi and Aguero now. Speaking of international football, the leagues have come to a pause and international matches have resumed.

Argentina's Javier Mascherano announces retirement from international  football after France loss
Mascherano announces retirement

No one is quite as happy as Liverpool fans due to this pause in club football. Liverpool has almost all of its major players injured, unfortunately. Luckily, they still haven’t beaten City’s record for the highest number of injuries this season, though the latter didn’t get much media coverage of the squad injuries.

Liverpool injuries: Virgil van Dijk, Mo Salah and Joe Gomez feature in XI  of 2020/21 absentees | GiveMeSport
Liverpool is suffering from immense squad injuries this season

The international friendlies will end on Tuesday for now and most European leagues are set to start again later in the week. Speaking of European leagues, Leicester is right on the early path for Premier League victory for now. Most fans have recognized their game this year and genuinely believe that they have a shot of stealing the cup yet again.

US men's national team gives glimpse of the future in return to action vs.  Wales | MLSsoccer.com
International friendlies are on

Current champs, Liverpool, are still quite in shape, despite the recent squad injuries. City on the other hand are in terrible shape this season, six points behind Leicester. Their next match is against the Spurs, at the latter’s home. Depending on their tactics and squad for the day, they have a real bad shot of winning this game.

Here's How Much Money Manchester City Will Lose From Their UEFA Champions  League Ban
City isn’t playing too well this season

On the topic of great clubs being terrible this season, Barcelona may actually be worse off than Man City. They are currently nine points behind Real. Not the real you’re thinking about though. Real Sociedad is on the top of the table for now…Barcelona’s redemption can take place at Grizi’s old team’s stadium. You guessed it, Barcelona is playing against Atletico Madrid on Saturday.

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid: Spanish Super Cup, how and where to watch,  times, TV, online - AS.com
Barca goes against Atletico de Madrid

Back in Germany, the Bundesliga is nothing special. Bayern Munich remains to stay on top yet again. Couldn’t expect any less from the current European champs. To get the latest soccer news, stay tuned to Messiigirl for more.

Bayern Munich midfielder suffers injury during international break
Bayern continues to stay on top

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