This seasons UEFA Champions League started much later than usual due to the global pandemic. But Uefa tried something new and went for a quick schedule. Rather than having a normal top 32 round, we have a fast-forwarded version of it. Most fans absolutely love this quick version but I’m slightly confused about where I stand.

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I certainly love that all matches take place much quicker and that the fans don’t die from anticipation of games, but I hate that we have to choose which match we watch. On certain days, six matches take place at the exact same time, and mind how all of these matches are usually very interesting. I mean should I watch the City match, the Real one, Liverpool or the current powerhouse Munich? The choice is HARD.

Unfortunately, Ronaldo did not recover quick enough for the game against his arch-nemesis, Messi. So, Barca did end up beating Juventus, 2-0, with Messi scoring a penalty against the latter. But the game just wasn’t satisfying without Ronaldo. fortunately, he has recovered now and will be in form for the next clash at Camp Nou.

Juve outclassed by Barcelona as recent struggles continue - Black & White &  Read All Over

For now, City, Liverpool, Bayern, Barca and ManU are yet to lose a game. Let’s see if these powerhouses keep at it and advance to the next stage of the competition. Stay tuned and subscribe for more details and soccer news.

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