The past three days have been very exciting for soccer fans around the globe. Not only did all the big leagues start with a bang a couple of days ago, but they are as uncertain as ever. Not to mention exciting.

For starters, current European champions, Bayern München, were defeated by Hoffenheim. Defeated is a rather polite diction as the German giants were thrashed 4-1. Hoffenheim is a German team that placed 6th in the 2019-20 season in the Bundesliga. They managed to defeat the reigning Quadruple winners.

Hoffenheim 4-1 Bayern Munich: German Champions' 32-match Unbeaten Run Ends  In Stunning Fashion
Bayern loses to Hoffenheim

In another surprising turn of events, Manchester city was defeated by Leicester City. James Vardy proved that he is in his prime, yet again. And Leicester, that they are back to their 2016 form. The match was an absolute delight to watch, despite being a city supporter. The tension in the game is exactly what makes Soccer a renowned sport worldwide.

Man City vs Leicester LIVE: Result, final score and reaction today | The  Independent
Leicester beats City and catches them off guard

Like any other event Soccer style, we were surprised by a hat-trick of shocking events. Barcelona managed to win their first match with a bang, or four. They beat Villareal 4-0. Whether this was a display of Messi’s magic or Koeman’s management skills is still a mystery, but Barca fans are content either way. And it looks like Messi isn’t going to hold a grudge against Barca on the field after all.

FC Barcelona v Villarreal: Four-midable (4-0)
Barca finally wins a game

The one thing that remained constant throughout this madness was The Reds dominating in the premier League. The managed to beat Arsenal 3-1 to maintain their winning streak in the Prem. And they did so without Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcântara. They may have lost their title as the European champions, but they certainly are still playing like it.

With a passing accuracy of 88%, they dominated over Arsenal at Anfield and gave Liver fans the win they deserved. They also kept firing shots at Bernd Leno with a whooping total of 21, 8 of which were on target and 3 being successful goals. After this match, Liverpool have constantly defeated Arsenal at Anfield in league games five times. Let’s see if they can keep up with their wins in the upcoming EFL on Thursday. - Latest Liverpool FC news, opinion and more
Liverpool defeats Arsenal at Anfield for the fifth time continuously

Though I’m not a Liverpool fan, this game was fantastic and hats off to the Reds for killing it on the field. Will Liverpool continue to dominate the Premier League pool and win the cup again? It’s too early to decide as there are some amazing teams in the league this season (yet again). Stay tuned for the latest Soccer news.

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