The word humiliating doesn’t even cover the shame that Barca fans felt around the world when Barcelona lost to Bayern Munich 8-2. A difference of six goals, all while one of Barca’s two goals was an own goal by Munich. If the world thought that Germany vs Brazil (2014 WC) was an embarrassing match, then they are in it with Barca vs Munich. It has been obvious that Barcelona wasn’t in the best form despite sacking former coach Ernesto Valverde, but this *Quarter-final* game wasn’t even worthy of being called such. This game was nothing but a circus, and Barca players were the clowns. It was almost as if every person wearing a Barca jersey on the field forgot how to run. Barcelona took slow and steady wins the race to a whole nother level. Though their loss was fast and steady from the very beginning. And Barca’s defence was nothing short of beautiful, it was almost as if the players forgot the meaning of the word, or in this case how to play the game. The worst part was that Barca couldn’t lose with humility, they just had to yell at the other players and throw tantrums on the field in the last few minutes. Even the so-called calm and composed Leo Messi looked like he had lost it by the last two minutes of the game. By the end of the game, I couldn’t help but laugh at Barca’s pathetic condition. One of the world’s most renowned and popular clubs, lost with a whooping difference of six goals, most of which could have been prevented by any other team of their level. But as usual, Barca is the best at what they do, when they play properly, they are the absolute best team, and when they suck, well calling them a team is a disgrace to the word team. 

But this match wasn’t the root of Barca’s terrible season. Despite having an early lead in the La Liga, they managed to give the title away to Real Madrid in the final few matches. In the start of the season, one could almost see Barca winning the treble but instead Barca won absolutely nothing. But surely, Barca should have been able to win the Copa Del Rey, but no, they lost to none other than the Athletic Club. With a last minute sloppy own goal by Busquets nonetheless. Guess the midfielder forgot which team he was playing for. As for the Supercopa, Barca couldn’t make it past Atletico Madrid, despite having the ball for most of the game and multiple shots attempted. Their performance was just beyond pathetic this season. And their defence was nonexistent. The lockdown period of football was the perfect time for Barca players to hone their skills but instead they just wasted it away. Griezmann should just stick to playing FIFA online. And perhaps, he should have trained more in quarantine, rather than playing fortnite all day. As for the UCL, gotta hand it to the Barca loan player for scoring against Barca, not just once but twice. Coutinho almost looked embarrassed to be in such a position, but it is Barca’s fault it got that far in the first place. Despite blocking multiple goals, Ter Stegen missed some very apparent goals. Well, this game proved why Neuer is Germany’s #1 Goalie and not his German teammate Ter Stegen. It also looked like Messi was in way over his head on the field, trying not only to play as a forward but the manager. Guess we all know how that turned out. To put this match into perspective with other Barca performances, it is the first time since 1951 that Barca lost with a goal difference of six. Which would be seven if not for the OG. Suarez’s goal was a mere consolation for Barca and he was Barca’s man this match (and most others of this season). Also, Barca’s manager Quique Setien was fired not long after this historically humiliating, embarrassing and downright pathetic excuse for a football match. Honestly, it looked as if the Barca squad had one too many cookies during lockdown and the little dignity they had after the Napoli game went right down the drain after today’s match.

But as long as Messi is with Barca, so is this Messiigirl, so here’s to a new slate for next season! And May Barca play the best they’ve ever played next season and show the world who’s boss. ForcaBarca! Tschüs!

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