For a change, Barcelona absolutely killed it this weekend! They beat Napoli 3-1 despite one of Messi’s goals being cancelled. The game was absolutely fantastic. But the highlight of the game was definitely Suarez’s penalty. But Messi and Lenglet also scored some top notch goals. It’s safe to say that Barcelona couldn’t have played any better, and after their last few games, this one was an absolute delight to watch as a Barca fan. With a performance like this one, Barca may actually have a chance against Bayern next week.

FC Barcelona news: All the latest transfer news and Barca team updates
Barca faces off against Bayern in the Quarter Finals of UCL.

But if one team topped Barca’s performance, it was none other than the German giants, Bayern Munich. They topped Chelsea 4-1, and won the aggregate with a whopping 7-1. Lewandowski was an absolute beast in the stadium. If Bayern keeps up with the same performance then the Trophy is theirs to keep. And even in Barca’s current form, they may be in trouble against Munich next week, if they continue to kill it as they have been this season. It’s safe to say that Barca Vs Bayern is going to be the most exciting match of this week.

Robert Lewandowski named in UEFA Team of the Year
Lewandowski helps Bayern bag another win

Another performance that should be acknowledged is Ronaldo’s performance but unfortunately for him his team just wasn’t in sync with him. Despite two goals from the GOAT, Juventus lost to Lyon due to Depay’s away goal. It’s safe to say that one man is certainly happy that this year’s Ballon D’Or is cancelled. Also, Juve took some immediate action and fired Sarri. Andrea Pirlo is going to be their new coach. Back to the French side, it is the first time they reached the top 8 of UCL in the past 10 years. So congrats to Lyon as they face Man City in the next round.

Coronavirus: Ballon d'Or cancelled for first time in award's history
The Ballon D’Or gets Cancelled due to COVID-19

Talking about Manchester City, they managed to beat current Spanish champions in both the legs with a joint aggregate of 4-2. Sterling played to his strengths with an early strike at the ninth minute crushing Madrid’s hope for a win. But Benzema managed to shine some hope to the Spanish with a spectacular goal, but unluckily for them, Jesus restored Man City lead in the match with another goal. They face off against Lyon this Saturday.

Champions League 2020 highlights Lyon vs Juventus | football ...
Oops. Looks like RMD and Ronaldo just need each other

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