While Manchester City may have lost this year’s title, and what could have been a triple streak, they haven’t lost all hope. Not only do they have an upcoming match against the Spain Champions on August 7th but they also have the hopes of next year! And the year after that! Yes. Man City’s UEFA ban has been overturned. So, fear not Cityzens as most of your players aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Manchester City 19-20 Home Kit Released - Footy Headlines
Man City Can Play In The UCL. Source- FootyHeadlines

On the dark side, this isn’t particularly great news for Leicester, ManU or Chelsea fans. If City’s ban had not been overturned then all three teams would automatically qualify for next year’s Champions League. But now the competition seems stiff for the three teams as they battle it out for the two remaining spots. Elsewhere, English Champions Liverpool, weren’t too happy with the decision either where their manager, Klopp, openly criticized CAS’ (Court of Arbitration for Sport’s) decision and called it a bad day for football (soccer). Even the Spur’s manager Mourinho called the decision disgraceful due to the fact that City still has to pay certain fines. And his logic is absolutely on point because why would City have to pay 10 million Euros if they are innocent? This makes fans wonder whether they are guilty or their FFP violations just weren’t as bad as the media made them out to be. But perhaps, this is an answer than fans aren’t gonna get.

Why Jurgen Klopp is Jose Mourinho's managerial bogeyman
Mourinho and Klopp Openly Criticize AOS’ Decision. Source-The Telegraph

But City’s week hasn’t been all rainbows either, especially with the arrival of their 20/21 kit. Personally, I am not a fan of their kit. All three of them. Though as long as City kills the matches in them, I suppose the fans wouldn’t mind the terrible fashion statement being made.

Premier League kits 2020/21: What has been leaked, when are they ...
Manchester’s 20/21 Home Kit. Source- The Sun and FootyHeadlines.

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