Or Should I say Real gets the La Liga. Yes, Madristas, Real Madrid made it and managed to defeat their El Clasico Rivals in a very close race to win the title of the Spanish League. With Barcelona’s 2-1 against Osasuna, Real managed to grasp the title. Despite losing their key player, and arguably the best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, last year, Real Madrid won the La Liga. They truly had an amazing comeback after the devastating loss of Ronaldo to Juventus. But honestly, you can’t expect any less from these Spanish Giants. If any fan previously said that Real won matches solely because of Ronaldo and not Zidane then I do suggest that they hide themselves under a blanket because Zinedine Zidane has done it again!

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Real Madrid Wins The Title. Source- La Liga.

Barcelona’s loss to the title race has much worse impacts than just a trophy. While Barca previously thought that Valverde was the problem and an insufficient manager, Setien didn’t prove to be any better. This doesn’t mean that they are essentially bad managers, but rather that Barcelona’s problem runs deep within the club. Even high-key transfers like Griezmann and De Jong didn’t seem to do the team any good. And long timers like star player Messi and Ter Stegen couldn’t do much despite their great individual stats and accomplishments either. If Barca wants to win the UCL or even next year’s title, then it is time for them to get their hustle on and step up because this year’s performance was unforgivable, especially when the team is taken into account as a whole. Stay tuned for more content and the UCL. Tschüs!

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Barcelona loses the title right from its grasp. Source- SPORTbible.

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