Der Klassiker or the German Clasico took place a few days ago and needless to say reigning German champions, Bayern Munich won. While Borussia Dortmund played well with 11 shots fired, none of them were a goal. Fan favourite Dortmund player Haland almost scored a goal. But unfortunately for them, Kimmich successfully scored one leading to another win for Bayern Munich. The match wasn’t bad itself but was slightly disappointing since neither Lewandowski nor Haland scored a goal. Munich now has a 7 point lead against Borussia in the Bundesliga, so this loss was a heavy one for Dortmund. Along with the loss of the game, Dortmund also lost Haland to an injury for one game and Dahoud for the season. The chances of the trophy look grim for Dortmund but not all hope is lost. The Bundesliga has also installed *fake* fan cheering crowd noises in order to make the games feel normal to the viewers. Elsewhere in England, the most awaited soccer league has announced its return for 17th June, 2020. Yes, The Premier League will resume on June 17. So cheer up fans and stay safe and stay tuned for more.

Bundesliga | official website

Source- Bundesliga Official website
J. Kimmich was crowned the man of the match for his game-winning goal!
Premier League statement
Source- Premier League Official Website
The Premier League is set to return on June 17 with all necessary precautions
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