Since football has been suspended for quite a while now, I just want to make sure that everyone is staying safe during this hard time. I’m sure everyone has heard of social distancing by now and are implementing it. So I just wanted to say that it doesn’t matter if you’re doing something productive right now or not. Times like these are hard for and affect everyone, and I mean everyone. Some miss seeing their friends, some miss practice, some miss school. Some people are even mourning and praying for their loved ones safety and health. Others are in financial trouble. Nevertheless, it is important to STAY STRONG and try your best to STAY HAPPY during these times. It’s important to cherish and enjoy the smallest moments. It’s also important to see the bright side and realize that we are going to get through this. Our mental health is being impacted right now. Our brain isn’t used to this schedule, hence it is normal for you to be moody right now. And back to my original point, it doesn’t matter if you’re productive right now. Good job if you are but it’s totally chill if you’re not. Anxiety and depression are on a high right now and the most important thing is to stay safe, and not just from the virus. So you do whatever you need to do. Personal satisfaction and happiness is the goal right now. With all the quarantine challenges and seeing talents that you didn’t know your friends had, you may feel inferior. So in order to maintain that personal satisfaction and happiness, it’s important to do what you think is best for you or something that makes you relatively happy. It doesn’t matter if that activity is socially accepted as long as it makes you happy. It’s cool if you just facetime or send snaps to your friends all day. It’s cool if you just binge watch and eat all day (but just do it in moderation so it doesn’t come and bite you back). It’s ok if you sleep most of the day or watch youtube videos and listen to music. Everything is ok and everything is going to be alright. So just take care of yourself and don’t get overwhelmed by articles on social media. Do what you like and get through this period stronger. 

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