Here’s a list of a few things you can do if you’re bored

  1. Bake something- From simple mug cakes to choux buns, donuts and pizza, everyone can bake something or the other.
  1. Cook – It’s quite similar to one mentioned above but it’s a broader category. From boiled eggs to fish and chips, there’s a level that will suit your skillset. Gordan Ramsey and Dwayne Johnson are coming up with some cool recipes on their IG lives so check that out.
  2. Watch those shows and movies that you’ve wanted to but never could. Utilize those flix, prime and Hulu subscriptions. I’m going to come up with a list of recommended ones in my next blog post.
  3. Work on music- From songwriting, to playing an instrument to exercising your vocals to installing a DJ software, music is a very versatile subject that everyone can find a field in. (Virtual DJ may or may not be legal in your country, but if it is, it is an amazing software for beginners.)

  1. Embrace that inner artist- We all have an artist in ourselves. It’s more dominant in some and not so much in others. That inner artist includes but is not limited to sketching, painting, writing stories or poems (fanfics included), reading, making memes, digital designing, sculpting and video gaming.
  2. Get in shape for next season- You don’t have to be an athlete to get in shape. If you are one then make sure you’re healthy and practice any drill exercises that you can do in your house. If you’re not then maybe check out quarantine workouts. Chloe Ting and Darebee are my favourite workout resources.

  1. Blog or vlog about an interest of yours or your life during this disastrous time. Who knows, maybe you’ll bring a smile on someone’s face or motivate someone. Or maybe you can become a famous youtuber or influencer.
  2. Learn a new language- Duolingo is an amazing free resource that can help you learn a new language. Viel Gluek.
  3. Since this is a soccer blog, I gotta put this here. FIFA- work on those mad FIFA skills and beat those middle schoolers who always make fun of you. Show everyone who’s boss. – You can also try other games like GTA, NFS, NBA, House of the dead, Street Fighter, Forza, PUBG, fortnite, minecraft, SimCity, Just Dance, Wii Sports
  1. Get that sleep in. Sleep is important and most of us have bad sleep schedules so try to chill and sleep for as long as you like. Sleep can help you relax, make you happier and be more focused and productive the next day.

Now this is a concise list of things that are common and things that I personally prefer to do. But you can also try becoming tik tok famous, getting a glow up with those skin care routines, redecorating your room, trading in stocks or forex (simulated or real), keeping your hair in a healthy and good form, working on and improving your weak skills, learn about a new topic or getting into a new sport or fandom. ALSO, IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, so if that’s more your style then feel free to roll with it and don’t get influenced by others. Do what makes you happy because that’s the only thing that matters right now. Stay safe and adios.

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