LIVERPOOL just lost its match against Atletico Madrid. But you gotta give it to them to not go down without a fight. Last match, they lost to Athleti one-nil at an away game which wasn’t so bad and judging by Liver’s great comebacks at Anfield, the same was expected of the reigning champions today. But it looks like they failed to deliver. This match wasn’t a regular game though, it was a showdown that every football fan could appreciate. It went on for an extra half hour because it ended as 1-1 aggregate with both teams having scored at their stadium. But the extra time was total war with Firmino kickstarting with a goal followed by 3 GOALs by Atletico. Morata and Llorente saved the game for Athleti and while they played in a defensive style, they totally went for it. And big shoutout to Madrid’s goalie Oblak, because he was totally the man of the match with multiple saves and they couldn’t have won the game without him. Diego Simone couldn’t have done any better as a manager either. This was a great team effort by Atletico and the win was totally deserved. This UCL just keeps on getting more interesting by the day. Stay tuned to find out what happens next week!

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