At this week’s highly anticipated match between Napoli and Barcelona, both teams scored a goal and the game ended as a draw. Overall, this game was quite uneventful except when Vidal and Rui both ended up with a yellow card, but Vidal was sent off the field soon after because he started fighting the referee and turned his yellow into a red card. Looks like red really is the color of anger. Back to our goals, Mertens kicked the game with a great goal that was overlooked by his greater celebration. If that celebration wasn’t a meme, then I don’t know what is. Elsewhere, Barca’s boy Grizi scored a goal to equalize a goal. Looks like Setein is teaching Barca that you can’t blow a first leg lead unless you have one. Overall, Barcelona’s performance was quite terrible indead and it causes me anxiety to watch the UCL as a Barca fan. With this defence, the only thing I can say is may the Force be with us; the force being Messi and Ter Stegen that is.


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