Now some of you may have heard about Leicester City, some of you may have seen their tactics in previous leagues (Ahem, 2016) and some of you might have seen their matches with big clubs or some of you may just be a true English Football fan and KNOW THE CLUB LEICESTER CITY, but after the last couple of months, you’re probably paying more attention to the club.

Basic Background: Leicester City won the Premier League and made history in 2016. After winning the prestigious Premier League in 2016 not much was heard from English team, Leicester City until this year.

Leicester City has resurfaced since then, and while they still aren’t as competitive as Liverpool, they are certainly at the second position. For the past few season, Leicester has stayed away from relegation and away from the tp spot, so how did they manage to pop into the radar out of nowhere. Its quite simple, Leicester City is an underdog, they aren’t expected to win many matches, their amazing victories against other small clubs may go unnoticed, like the 9-0 against Southhampton. Another reason is that they aren’t afraid of the big clubs, whether it’s Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham, they will do their best without any hesitation. Less possession of the ball but more goals than the other team, now that sounds familiar doesn’t it? In addition, they had Kante, Mahrez and Vardy in 2016 but they still have have an improved J. Vardy this year. (Vardy will move to Liverpool in 2020) and the squad has amazing goal scoring abilities. At last, Leicester city has great team spirit and FANS. Leicester has a huge fanbase and that makes them win more and more.

At the same time, What is Happening to Manchester City? It’s almost like they took one step forward and went two steps behind. This year resulted in a lot of injuries for their squad. Is Pep all talk or will they have a comeback? On another note, they are against UCL favourites in the RO16, YES, you guessed it, Real Madrid Vs Manchester City. Who will win? This will certainly be a game to look out for.

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