The champions league was eventful this week. Madrid tied with Brugge with goals scored by Ramos, Casemiro and 2 by Bonaventure. Man City won with a goal scored by Sterling and the young talent Phil Foden and Sterling. Juve beat the German team Bayer with a goal scored by Ronaldo. PSG, dortmund, Zenit and Lyon won their games as well. Ajax won 3-0 with a goal scored by their star defender De Beek. Suarez finally led Barcelona to victory with 2 goals, Ter Stegan also defended and prevented some amazing goals by Milan, but missed one. Prem teams Liverpool and Chelsea won with four and two goals consecutively. But my personal fav match was Bayern vs Tottenham. Gnarby scored 4 magnificent goals and Lewandowski scored two, one was also scored by Kimmich. Bayern won the match with a result of 7-2. The results of the match show that Neuer will have to remain the first goalie of the German national team if they want to compete in the next world cup. 

In the La liga, Barcelona won a match against Sevilla and Messi finally scored a magnificent freekick goal. Followed by Suarez’s bicycle kick. Madrid beat Granada 4-2. Real, Barca and Atletico and Granada are the top 4 teams. In the premier league, Liverpool beat Leicester to continue their winning streak. Chelsea beat Southampton 2-0 Brighton beat the Spurs and both Man U and Man City lost their games. Looks like this year’s cup will go to I think it’s been raining too much in Manchester.

PSG also continues their winning streak with a whopping 4-0. Juventus beat Milan 2-1 with Dybala’s first goal of the season. And that covers about all of the interesting events that happened this week. Ciao!

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