The first month of school is always the worst, it’s that time of the year when you underestimate everything and end up doing nothing and that is exactly what I did. Back to football, Lionel Messi won the FIFA best player of the year with VVD at the second position and the votings revealed that VVD actually voted for Messi. What a classy move by Van Dijk. In the Premier League, Liverpool has been on a winning streak and current champions Man City didn’t start off very well but at the look of things, they’re back on track. At a shocking turn of events, Granada was leading the La Liga with both Real and Barcelona out of form. Right now, Real is back on top but Hazard doesn’t seem to have adjusted very well yet. Griezmann and De Jong on the other hand seem comfortable at Barca but key player Messi is out for an injury again, 2 injuries at the start of the season is certainly not his best start. In the Bundesliga, current champion Bayern Munchen are on top as usual but Manuel Neuer may lose his #1 spot at the German Nation team to Barcelona keeper Ter Stegan. The president of Bayern has stated that he won’t allow any member from his team to play for the national team if Neuer is removed from his position. The UCL match between the spurs and bayern will decide the fate of the German national team. In Serie A, the fight for the first place is already tight between Inter Milan and Juventus. With Juve, tied 1 and Milan on a streak for now. 

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