For starters this week, Tottenham won the Audi cup after a very dreadful penalty shootout. Atletico beat Real Madrid 7-3 in the International Champions cup. It was a truly an awful match for Real but since it’s preseason it won’t matter much but it does lead us to think if Zidane’s return is as glorious as it is accounted for. Atletico also beat the MLS’s all starts 3-0. Liverpool beat Lyon 3-1 and Chelsea beat Salzburg 5-3. Despite losing their key players, both Chelsea and Atletico seem to be doing great without them, possibly due to their underrated signings of the season, the most popular one being Trippier to Atletico. As for our main course, the FIFA award nominees are out and the voting has begun. For the Men’s award we have Ronaldo, Messi, De Jong, De Ligt, Kane, Mane, Salah, Mbappe, Van Dijk and Hazard. The biggest snub being Neymar in popularity but Bernardo Silva in skill according to my personal opinion. The female nominees’ are Bronze, Ertz, Hansen, Hegerberg, Henry, Kerr, Lavelle, Miedema, Morgan, Rapinoe, Renard and White. According to my prediction, Alex Morgan is to win this award and Messi or Van Dijk the men’s award. But none of this seems like the sweetest news of the week, which seems to be that Ronaldo was actually quite sad while leaving Real Madrid. While accepting his Marca award, a fan told him that he was sad that Cristiano left Rmd and he replied by saying that so was he and that was definitely a heartbreaking yet heartfelt moment for each football fan around the world. So that concludes this blog. More until next Wednesday. Can’t wait…..

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